Articles by Kirsten Müller-Daubermann

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

If there is one thing we can all relate to at the present moment, it is that in many ways, our lives have gotten significantly more uncomfortable in the year 2020. Insecurity and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, coupled with economic fragility, unemployment, and major shifts in education, healthcare, not to mention travel and … Read More

How to Become a Better Listener

Keeping our thoughts, turbulent emotions and difficult questions suppressed can cause severe damage to our mental health. That is why talk therapy, expressive therapies, CBT and DBT are all the cornerstone of mental health treatment. They are exceptional tools to practice processing difficult emotions so that they don’t control our lives. Learning how to communicate … Read More

Holding on to Hope

Lift up your hearts   Each new hour holds new chances   For new beginnings.  This quote from Maya Angelou, poet, author, and titan of American literature, encapsulates the essence of hope. In seemingly dark and challenging times for our communities and families, for our society, and in our own, searching hearts, we can feel the nagging temptation of despair. But what Angelou writes … Read More

Overcoming Negative Thinking: Tools for Getting “Unstuck”  

Our thought life has incredible power and influence over our behaviors, and the intensity, direction, and quality of our thoughts can manifest in healthy and unhealthy ways.   The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn much-needed attention to the importance of maintaining good mental health and reaching out for support when necessary. However, despite the increased conversation and focus … Read More

Revisiting Acceptance

There was a time in my life, after my recovery, when I was in a position in which very little about my role, my life, where I would be traveling the next day, and who I spent time with was under my control.   The job of Miss America may seem very glamorous and exciting, but being on the road most days of the … Read More

Needing a New Definition of Compassion

The outbreak of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is introducing new words and phrases to our daily vocabularies. It’s also forcing us to rediscover the meaning of concepts that we haven’t used regularly for decades – or, in some cases, centuries. The phrase “social distancing” wasn’t exactly part of the lexicon until recent weeks. Now we’re … Read More

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and the Lifesaving Power of Advocacy

The journey to recovery from an eating disorder can be a lonely one. After an initial diagnosis can come the exhausting search for treatment, battles with insurers, a fumbling in the dark for answers and resources, and little connection to other individuals and families who are also battling the illness. Additionally, there is the feeling that if one speaks … Read More

Fighting Back Against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Creating a Hope-Filled Winter

The holiday decorations have come down, everyone is back to busy work and school schedules, and we have all settled in for a few dark months before spring.   This time of year can be incredibly challenging: The days are short, sunlight can be rare, and many parts of the country can be frigid. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is recognized in the fifth edition of … Read More

Rethinking Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions get a lot of love and hate this time of year. The diet and other “self-improvement” industries know they can make a lot of money off of people’s insecurities and cash-in, offering promises for dramatic changes (often to one’s external appearance) that disappoint and leave customers feeling like it wasn’t the diet … Read More