Past Resident & Family Testimonials

We’re here to guide you through the next phase of getting help. Read what alumnae, family, and friends have to say about their experience with Timberline Knolls.

I came to TK for help with my bipolar disorder, bulimia, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and to learn how to manage my anxiety. When I heard that I got in here, I jumped up and down in joy. I thought that maybe I found a way to save my life. I knew from the beginning that I belong at TK. My life was out of control and entirely unmanageable.

Since coming to TK, I have made many positive changes in my life. For the first time ever, I am able to be honest with myself and others. I have also made some amazing friendships and will carry inspirational memories with me for the rest of my life. I am eternally grateful for everyone at TK.

– a former TK resident from Alpharetta, GA

The first thing I thought when I first got here was how SCARED I was. Of the place, of the people, and talking about my diseases. I met some of the most amazing people and as much as I say “no one understands me” somehow the people here have connected with me. I never assumed I would be sad to leave TK but it changed my life [and] it can change yours too.

– a former TK resident from CA

If you could take one thing out of this is love your life enough to live it. This is about you; this is your time to work on you.

– a former TK resident from Oak Brook, IL

When I came to TK, I was angry and scared. But after settling in, I realized that I was in exactly the place I needed to be. My stay at TK has been far from easy, but the time has gone by so quickly.

– a former TK resident from TX

The staff cares (very deeply). Give yourself some credit for coming to TK. The decision wasn’t easy, nor is the task at hand, but take a deep breath, and know that you are among friends. TK can change your life, if you let yourself trust.

– a former TK resident from Silver Spring, MD

I believe one of the most important changes I have made at my time at TK was learning to love myself. Self worth is so crucial to your recovery because the self destruction will slowly stop if you believe your life is worth living/saving.

– a former TK resident from FL

I came to Timberline Knolls not knowing what to expect – in denial of my problems but wanting to feel better and get stronger. I learned while here that I was suffering from a disease(s). My behaviors were not deliberate and could be managed and eliminated with hard work, support from others and learned coping skills.

I began to realize that I was worthwhile, deserving of health and happiness and that I could consider my needs rather than always those of others. Their helpful, cheery, caring, and supportive attitudes have been so important to my recovery here.

Having been to other treatment facilities T.K. is by far the best! I truly feel that the staff here really cares about me. Although at times my disease was challenging for all involved the staff was vigilant in their efforts to monitor me, giving me gentle encouragement and support. The treatment team and area specialists taught me valuable skills. They helped me to understand the baffling and cunning nature of my disease.

– a former TK resident from MA

TK has gifted me with so much that I can scarcely put it into words. Essentially, TK has given me a second chance at life. When I arrived at TK I was malnourished, depressed and hopeless, ultimately holding on by a thread to life. My OCD became my coping mechanism and kept me locked in a jail cell, separate from life and happiness. Finally, I hit my bottom and everything came to a head. I could either continue killing myself by my self-will or make the decision to surrender my will over to the care of God and really live. I chose life. As I began to have faith again in God, I entered into a “pink-cloud” period of recovery which I understood to mean “relieved of the bondage of self” and enter into serenity. My OCD no longer seemed insurmountable and restricting could no longer provide for me the relief it had in the past. I realized that I could not survive, much less live, if I did not have others in my life who could love and care for me and call me out For years I had stayed away from relationships for fear of rejection and in doing so I realize now that I was really isolating myself from life. As I formed new relationships with peers and staff here at TK and with my family at home, I have come to believe that to live is to love.

– a former TK resident from NY

The feeling of hopelessness will fade and left ahead of you will be clarity, opportunity, happiness and HOPE. You will amaze yourself with the amount of strength you possess and you will grow.

– a former TK resident from Boston, MA

I’m finishing my second stint at TK, my eleventh treatment center. And I’m telling you, this place works.

My bulimia was out of control & my feelings of depression were extremely intense. I literally couldn’t function in everyday life. I absolutely hated myself.

I was just a walking body; my soul had been torn into a million little pieces. I didn’t think I was sick enough to receive help. My entire life revolved around food. Bulimia had totally taken over my life. I was actually really relieved to come to TK. I was tired, so exhausted that I felt my body literally shutting down.

But I still wasn’t ready. I continued to purge even at TK. Then the miracle happened. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the staff here and trust the treatment team. I’m telling you right now that whatever disease behaviors you are engaging in, they are not worth it. It’s hard and it’s scary but the road of recovery is well worth it.

– a former TK resident from IL

Drugs, Alcohol, Depression and Anxiety let me to the doors of TK. I was beaten down and did not have a high opinion of myself. That was not the case. I learned I was powerless over my addiction and my life had become unmanageable. I worked hard through my issues and worked on my low self-esteem. I made friends who accepted me for all my faults. I was supported by my peers and lifted up by them when I was down. I started believing in myself and that little glint of hope got bigger. I feel very hopeful for the future.

– a former TK resident from AZ

Although this journey to recovery has been long and very difficult I am so glad that I stayed and continued to fight my eating disorder. I hope and pray that all newcomers to TK will stay and receive the treatment and recovery that the treatment team is wanting you to find!

– a former TK resident from IL

TK saved my life, and I am forever grateful for that. I now have been months free from my eating disorder... They really make sure you know your skills before you leave!

– A former resident
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