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Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center provides care for women and girls who are struggling with depression. Timberline Knolls delivers compassionate, comprehensive treatment so that the journey to healing from depression can begin

Learn About Depression Treatment

Treatment for depression at Timberline Knolls

Living with depression can be an isolating experience. Unlike a visible injury, the effects of depression may have caused you to suffer in silence, feeling like no one could see how your symptoms were affecting your life. You may feel tired, hopeless, and worried about the future. You may feel unable to work or attend school, to manage your daily responsibilities, or to care for yourself. You may feel unable to engage in activities you used to enjoy, or to connect with friends and loved ones. The effects of depression may even be impacting your body.

At Timberline Knolls, we understand the deep pain that depression can cause, and we’re here to help. Each woman or girl who struggles with depression arrives at our center with a unique set of experiences related to her condition. Your journey to recovery will always be your own, and we will always view you as the true expert on what you need in order to heal. Even if you feel overwhelmed and alone, know that depression is a highly treatable condition. With the right support, you can begin the journey to recovery from depression.

Why Choose Timberline Knolls for Depression Treatment

What makes our depression treatment center successful?

Depression, like other forms of mental illness, is a complex disease that requires a comprehensive treatment approach that addresses each of your symptoms. Left untreated, this condition can cause debilitating damages to the mind and body, and can make it challenging to live a healthy, balanced life.

When you arrive at Timberline Knolls, we’ll thoroughly assess each component of your well-being to gain a full picture of your mental and physical health. Often, girls and women who suffer from depression are also battling other co-occurring illnesses, such as panic disorder, bulimia nervosa, borderline personality disorder, substance use disorders (the clinical term for addiction), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). As we evaluate your presenting concerns, we’ll identify any of these disorders and begin crafting an individualized treatment plan that reflects all of your needs.

Throughout each step of treatment at Timberline Knolls, we’ll collaborate with you to evaluate your progress, set and monitor goals, and make a plan for your eventual discharge. Our goal is to guide you towards returning to your home and community armed with the coping tools and resources you need to continue on the path of lifelong recovery from depression.

What to Expect Prior to Entering Depression Treatment

What happens before admission into depression treatment at Timberline Knolls?

Prior to beginning treatment for depression at Timberline Knolls, our staff will connect with you, your loved ones (when deemed appropriate), and any providers that can assist us in understanding your treatment needs. We’ll review your mental health, physical health, and social histories to identify how your depression has impacted your life to date. From there, we’ll use these insights to begin creating a treatment plan that reflects your innate strengths and unique challenges within the journey to recovery. While you are in treatment, we’ll continue to modify and update your plan as you achieve your goals or require additional support.

Understanding the First Steps of Depression Treatment

Thorough intake assessment for depression treatment at Timberline Knolls

When you arrive at our depression treatment center, you will receive both a medical and psychiatric assessment. This thorough process will help us understand what interventions and supports will be most beneficial for you as you work towards recovery from depression.

Your depression treatment team will consist of a primary therapist, a family therapist, a psychiatrist (MD), a registered dietitian (RD), and an eating disorders specialist if needed. You’ll meet with each of these professionals individually to discuss your goals for recovery and your needs in the treatment setting.

Your Depression Treatment Process

What you will experience as you start your depression recovery at Timberline Knolls

At Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, we know that your commitment to your health is critical in finding success in recovery from depression. While we guide you through the therapies and treatment modalities included in your treatment plan, we will always ask you to sign off on the objectives you’ll be working towards. In addition, our staff will encourage you to give an honest appraisal of your needs, to ask questions, and to communicate about what is or is not working for you during treatment. Throughout the successes and setbacks of the treatment process, we will encourage you to harness your inner strength and take true ownership of your journey to recovery from depression.

What Depression Treatment Is Like

Your time in depression treatment at Timberline Knolls

Throughout your time in depression treatment at Timberline Knolls, your days will be filled with a variety of carefully chosen therapies and supports. You’ll have a wide range of depression and trauma-focused interventions at your disposal, such as medication management services and individual, group, and family counseling. You’ll also have plenty of time for relaxation and quiet contemplation in our tranquil healing environment.

Should you require medical attention, you’ll also have access to consulting healthcare providers, such as dentists, cardiologists, gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons, and gastroenterologists.

The Emotions of Depression Treatment – Meeting You Where You Are

A realistic, supportive approach to depression treatment

While researchers continue to examine depression, they still can’t point to a single factor as a definite cause. Sometimes, depression can result from stress or trauma. Other times, it can result from environmental factors or a genetic predisposition. But no matter what’s causing your depression, know that the pathway to healing can begin at Timberline Knolls.

Our staff is committed to meeting you wherever you are in your recovery journey. Without pressure or expectation, we’ll be here to listen to your concerns, assist you in setting goals, and support you as you take that brave first step towards living a healthier life.

A Unique Experience in Depression Treatment

Our individualized approach to depression treatment

If you’ve never engaged in treatment for depression before, you likely have many questions about what life will be like during your stay at Timberline Knolls. Throughout your time at our center, you’ll have access to the emotional supports you need to heal and the medical supervision you need to regain your strength. We’ll work with you to explore the underlying issues from your past that might be impacting your mood in the present. As you gain strength and a better understanding of your triggers, you’ll have opportunities to practice new coping tools that will serve you for the rest of your life.

The Road to Recovery

Long-term recovery from depression at Timberline Knolls

As you consider the many options and types of care available to you, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which depression treatment approach is right for you. But know that the experienced admissions staff members at Timberline Knolls are only a phone call away. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have about our depression treatment program or any other aspect of our services. Let us help you take those first important steps towards recovery from depression today.