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Going to Timberline Knolls was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I highly recommend you go here for treatment! You will come out knowing how to cope better with life!

– Tiffany L.

Private Residential Treatment Center for Women and Adolescent Girls with Eating Disorders, Addictions, Mood Disorders, & Trauma

How Our Treatment Program Works

Every resident at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center follows a course of treatment developed just for her. A woman’s treatment team considers all the available knowledge about her history. They consider her relationships with her friends and family, as well as her desires and wishes for the future. Together, the resident and the treatment team design an individualized therapeutic program to help the resident help herself. This collaborative process gives residents a sense of investment, empowerment and ownership of their recovery process.

We Treat the Person, Not the Symptoms

Our highly acclaimed staff recognizes how important it is to understand each woman as an individual. Our all-inclusive care is both the most effective and appropriate method for helping women in a lasting way. Our program focuses on treating the entire self: Addressing each woman’s physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. Our holistic approach ultimately allows women to achieve life-long recovery.

Tranquil Non-Hospital Campus

Treatment at Timberline Knolls is provided on our private, wooded, 43-acre campus. Unlike inpatient care, residential treatment at Timberline Knolls is set amidst a lush forested backdrop, award-winning landscaped grounds, and a number of historical buildings. Our campus’s rich outdoor atmosphere is extremely conducive to healing, and allows the women who come for treatment to bask in breathtaking and inspiring views while participating in our programming.

Worried or uncertain? Timberline Knolls can help.

We know this may be a difficult time for you and your family. There are many questions involved in understanding treatment for eating disorders, drug abuse and addiction, and the other co-occurring conditions we treat.

Common questions we hear from women and their families

What is residential treatment?

Residential treatment is a level of care that provides round-the-clock supervision and therapeutic services in a safe and secure environment. Women and girls who receive care at our residential treatment center will live on our campus for the duration of their time in treatment. The benefits of receiving residential treatment for eating disorders, addictions, and other mental concerns are vast.

When you receive care at a residential treatment center, you are able to step away from the stresses of daily life and place all of your time, energy, and focus on healing. You will have the ongoing support and encouragement of knowledgeable, compassionate staff members who will help you learn how to cope with and overcome your symptoms, guide you as you work towards reaching your treatment goals, encourage you during challenging times, and celebrate with you as you progress in your healing journey.

What can I expect insurance to contribute towards treatment?

Insurance companies differ in the allocations they provide for mental health treatment. Depending on your treatment needs, your insurance provider, and the insurance plan that you are under, the funding that you receive will vary. Timberline Knolls partners with a number of insurance providers, and our staff will work with both you and representatives from your insurance company to ensure that you receive the most coverage you are eligible for.

What distinguishes Timberline Knolls from other women-only rehabs or residential treatment centers?

Timberline Knolls stands apart from other women-only residential treatment centers and rehab facilities in that our overarching mission is to open up the path to healing in an environment that is filled with compassion and serenity. We take into account each girl’s or woman’s specific life circumstances, and work closely with her to make sure that her treatment plan reflects her needs, her goals for treatment, and her wishes for the future. We do not focus solely on the symptoms that our residents present with; rather, we focus on the woman as a whole – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Every aspect of our programming is designed to offer care in a manner that promotes unity, self-respect, empathy, teamwork, encouragement, and unwavering support. When you choose to come to Timberline Knolls, you become part of a family that wants to help you grow, succeed, and find true healing. We are more than a treatment center. We are a safe haven. We are your home away from home. And we will do everything in our power to make sure that you feel safe, comforted, and supported as you begin your journey towards lasting healing.

How do I learn more about anorexia nervosa, bulimia, or binge eating disorders?

Taking the time to learn more about your eating disorder, or an eating disorder a loved one is struggling with, is an essential part of the healing process. By better understanding the signs and symptoms of anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder, you’ll be more prepared to make the most of treatment.

At Timberline Knolls, we’re here to ensure the women who heal with us learn about their eating disorders so that they can learn to make healthier choices. You can gain a better understanding of the causes and effects of these disorders on our website, and by participating in various psychoeducational groups and activities during your time in treatment at our center.

Where can I learn more about substance abuse and drug addiction?

Educating yourself about substance abuse and addiction is a vital step along the path to freedom from chemical dependency. The more you understand how alcohol and other drugs impact the body and mind, the better prepared you will be to identify optimal solutions for yourself or a loved one. At Timberline Knolls, we’re proud to provide extensive information about the signs, symptoms, and effects of various forms of substance abuse and addiction.

Our website contains information on the types of treatment that can best prepare women to overcome dependence upon substances of abuse and achieve long-term recovery. Our admissions advisors are also available 24/7 to answer your specific questions about how Timberline Knolls can guide you along a personalized path toward an addiction-free future.

What does a woman experience during residential treatment at Timberline Knolls?

No two women are alike, and as such, each woman’s experience of residential treatment at Timberline Knolls will be unique to her needs. Our expert treatment team will assess your presenting symptoms, and identify your innate strengths and challenges. Then we’ll build upon those strengths by crafting a treatment plan that reflects your individual goals for recovery.

During your stay at Timberline Knolls, you’ll have access to a wide range of treatment modalities and supports to assist you on the road to recovery. From individual, group, family, and experiential counseling to medical support, you’ll have what you need to heal.

How does Timberline Knolls help women seeking Christian treatment?

Meeting the spiritual needs of our residents is an essential element of treatment at Timberline Knolls. For women who wish to have Christian principles incorporated into their personalized treatment plan, we’re proud to offer a dynamic Christian Treatment Path. Our Christ-centered approach to recovery includes daily devotionals, multiple Christian therapy groups, informal devotional groups and Bible studies, pastoral counseling, attendance at off-campus worship services, and connections with the local Christian community.

Women who participate in the Christian Treatment Path also have the opportunity to share their faith through expressive arts, take part in volunteer opportunities that benefit less fortunate members of the surrounding community, and work with license therapists whose training and experience includes counseling from a biblical perspective.

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