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Responsibilities & Recovery

I was working with an individual who was struggling with a number of difficult mental health concerns. She had a history of trauma, struggled with substance use and engaged in eating disorder behaviors. As we worked together, I became aware that she was finding it difficult to make some of the behavior changes that would … Read More

Mental Health Treatment & Suicide Prevention in Young Adults

The onset of mental health disorders often happens early in life. Sometimes, mental health concerns appear in childhood or adolescence. But often, the first signs that someone might be struggling with a mental health disorder occur during young adulthood, from ages 18-25. Mental health advocacy organization Active Minds shared several statistics that help illuminate the … Read More

A Recent Study Suggests That TikTok Exposes Teens to Toxic Diet Culture

An article from Study Finds explored troubling results from a recent study by researchers at the University of Vermont that looked at diet- and body image-related content available on TikTok. The study found that TikTok, a platform that has many teenage users, contains a large volume of posts that promote dieting or weight loss. Results … Read More