How Does COVID-19 Affect Women’s Mental Health?

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, women now face additional stressors that can diminish their mental wellness. From increased home responsibilities to loss of employment and compromised health, many women are vulnerable to developing mental health conditions that can lessen their quality of life. For some women, increased childcare responsibilities have put enormous pressure on their shoulders. … Read More

How to Become a Better Listener

Keeping our thoughts, turbulent emotions and difficult questions suppressed can cause severe damage to our mental health. That is why talk therapy, expressive therapies, CBT and DBT are all the cornerstone of mental health treatment. They are exceptional tools to practice processing difficult emotions so that they don’t control our lives. Learning how to communicate … Read More

Finding Freedom with Food

In our world filled with advice and information on eating, weight, exercise, and health, it can become very easy to feel that if we are not doing these things the “right way”, we are failing at our health, well-being, or more. Each of us has a relationship with food and our bodies which is highly … Read More

Tips for Maintaining Recovery in Uncertain Times

Stress and isolation are risk factors for addiction. These experiences can also undermine a person’s efforts to remain in recovery after they’ve received treatment for a substance use disorder. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact families and communities throughout the nation, almost everyone is dealing with elevated stress levels and a sense of being … Read More

Art Therapy & Mindfulness

Individuals coping with mental health symptoms often struggle with staying in the present moment. Those coping with depression may become stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts or cognitive distortions [false beliefs colored by depressive symptoms].  Whereas anxiety-related disorders can cause a focus on potential danger in the future. For people healing from trauma, intrusive thoughts, … Read More

Be Gentle with Yourselves

As the Chaplain for Timberline Knolls, I have the unique opportunity of meeting people from a variety of circumstances and accompanying them on their spiritual journey. These journeys traverse the paths of spiritual highs and lows. In the heights of spiritual connectedness residents feel empowered, joyous, hopeful and happy. In the lows of spiritual connectedness … Read More

Holding on to Hope

Lift up your hearts   Each new hour holds new chances   For new beginnings.  This quote from Maya Angelou, poet, author, and titan of American literature, encapsulates the essence of hope. In seemingly dark and challenging times for our communities and families, for our society, and in our own, searching hearts, we can feel the nagging temptation of despair. But what Angelou writes … Read More

Mothers on Edge

“I can’t do this anymore.”  “I am mommied out.”   “There’s no way I can cope with all of this.”   Have any mothers among us not said or thought these words? They’re usually followed by the guilt and possible shame of not doing enough for our families. Because we can never do enough, right?   Last on any to-do list is us.   Stressors we experience every day: time demands (there’s never enough time); … Read More

Self-Care During Trying Times

Days seem particularly dark of late.  We are living through a pandemic, severe social injustice, civil rights violations and loss of jobs and businesses. This undoubtedly is affecting many of us in different ways; physically, emotionally, financially, changes to our community and how we communicate, just to name a few. Here are some suggestions to … Read More