Community Impact – TK at the CAPS and IAEDP Conferences

The spring is always full of informative and educational conferences for health professionals working with individuals struggling with eating disorders and related issues.  This March, Timberline Knolls participated in a few top industry conferences across the country that highlighted key research and the latest news in the treatment of eating disorders. Here’s how we connected with … Read More

Why the Backlash Against Vogue Article on Child’s Weight and Eating Habits?

The April issue of Vogue magazine featured an article on a mother’s response to a pediatrician telling her that her seven-year-old daughter, Bea, was obese. Dara-Lynn Weiss embarked on a year-long battle to get her child to lose weight. This mother’s weight obsession and stringent methods have caused a firestorm to erupt among readers. The … Read More

Campus Connection – NEDA Week at Timberline Knolls

At Timberline Knolls, we integrated NEDAwareness Week 2012 into the programming for residents who were in treatment with us during this important national annual event. Events and activities during the week brought residents and staff together for special on-campus programs that helped continue discussions about eating disorders, treatment and information on residential lodges and in … Read More

Raising Eating Disorder Awareness from Arizona to Boston – NEDA Week

To celebrate National Eating Disorders Awareness (NEDA) Week 2012, held February 26 to March 3, members of our staff participated in a variety of events across the country that honored the important work of NEDA. We, like NEDA, are committed to supporting efforts to raise awareness and provide help and hope to all those affected by … Read More

NEDA Week – Let’s Break the Silence About Eating Disorders

Breaking the silence is one of the best antidotes to the shame and isolation of diseases like eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, and mood disorders. Denial, minimization, secrecy and shame are some of the biggest obstacles to recovery from these deadly illnesses. That’s why everyone at Timberline Knolls takes time out each year to celebrate … Read More

The State of an Anxious Union

Last fall, University of Minnesota psychologist William J. Doherty decided to do some research into the emotional well-being of Americans in light of the 2016 Presidential election. His findings will likely not surprise you. After commissioning a poll of 1,000 voting-age Americans, Doherty found that 43 percent reported experiencing “emotional distress related to Trump and … Read More