Reflections on NEDAW 2014

“I Had No Idea” was the theme of this year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. We had a whole program of events on campus in honor of the week and all of the brave women suffering from, recovering from, and thriving beyond their eating disorders, as well as those who love and support them. The … Read More

The Ultimate Loser

Social media sites have been pressed into overdrive this week by reaction to the season finale of “The Biggest Loser.” This is because a 24-year old woman, Rachel Frederickson, was declared the proud winner of the show by losing a record-breaking percentage of her total body weight. Speaking of proud – we cannot even begin … Read More

Addiction…A Choice?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a medical illness, a disease of the brain. And yet, there are those who continue to insist that substance addiction is a choice. Several weeks ago, Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing on the highly successful Friends sitcom, traveled to the UK to lend assistance to a new drug … Read More


Making a daily gratitude list was a critical part of my early recovery. I finally found a sponsor who had what I wanted. Before I was actually ready to work with a sponsor, I spent about a year “working” with people who did not have what I wanted, and with whom I did not really … Read More

Real Beauty

Last week, preparing to fly to Atlanta to give a talk on co-occurring eating disorders and substance abuse, my husband approached me after my morning meditation/prayer time. I was sitting on the floor, unshowered, no makeup, full strength coffee breath, wearing sweat pants and a hoodie with my meditation candle still burning in the background. … Read More