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Benefits of Women’s-Only Mental Health Treatment

Women and adolescent girls often have specific needs when seeking help for mental health. Recent research indicates that some mental health concerns are more common in women than in men. They include depression, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders.   In particular, younger women ages 18-25 are more likely than males to struggle with mental health concerns such as any … Read More

The Power of Pause in ED Recovery

There are a lot of common phrases in recovery such as: Recovery isn’t linear Recovery is a process Relapses happen Relapses are a part of the process Recovery is a journey One part of the process that isn’t often described with a catchy phrase, but is felt frequently, is feeling stuck. There isn’t movement forward … Read More

The Importance of Continued Care

Continuity of care refers to the seamless provision of healthcare services, and it is a cornerstone of effective behavioral health treatment. Delivering consistent and uninterrupted care for individuals ensures that their needs are holistically addressed as they progress through the healing process. While taking part in intensive treatment such as residential care can be an … Read More