Yearly Archives: 2012

Cyber Body Image & Self-Esteem

According to, Facebook users spend an average of 441 minutes – or seven-and-a-half hours – per month browsing their News Feed and Friends’ pages. And that is just on their mobile devices! They spend another 391 minutes – or around seven hours – on the site at a desktop computer. I would venture to … Read More

Top Signs of A Healthy 12 Step Meeting

Thousands of 12 step meetings are held every day. Although they may share similar names and core beliefs, not all 12 step meetings are created equally. Meetings are led by members of the program rather than professionals. There is natural turnover among volunteers, and meetings may change significantly over time based on both the leadership … Read More

Eating Disorder & Addiction Recovery…It’s a Family Affair

A lot of women come to residential treatment for addiction, eating disorders, and unresolved issues with trauma, mood disorders, and more. Although it may be a single individual (the “identified patient”) who enters treatment, and engages in intensive therapy, we know they are not the only ones who need help. Eating disorders, addiction, and other … Read More