Articles by Peta Minerof-Bartos, MAATC

Art Therapist

Peta Minerof Bartos is an Art Therapist and experienced textile artist. She brings training in art therapy from settings as diverse as working with child-caregiver dyads, students aged 3-22 attending therapeutic school, addictions, and eating disorders in hospital-based, residential and outpatient care.

Her approach to care is person-centered and relational. Her work is informed with a strong core of Social Justice, having provided pro-bono services for medically underserved and at-risk individuals for many years before beginning her career in Art Therapy.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Smith College, Northampton, MA and her MAATC degree from The School of Art Institute of Chicago.  Her works have been featured in Fine Art of Fiber shows, Machine Quilts Expo Midwest, International Quilt Festival 2014 and The School of the Art Institute exhibitions. 

Art Therapy & Mindfulness

Individuals coping with mental health symptoms often struggle with staying in the present moment. Those coping with depression may become stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts or cognitive distortions [false beliefs colored by depressive symptoms].  Whereas anxiety-related disorders can cause a focus on potential danger in the future. For people healing from trauma, intrusive thoughts, … Read More