Amazon and ArturoBuch, You Should Be Ashamed

Amazon deals with millions of products. That is no excuse to not have a strong commitment to quality control, to say nothing of a powerful dedication to moral and social responsibility.

In other words, Amazon should know better than to offer a product for sale that openly espouses, even jokes about, a severe psychiatric disease that has killed untold numbers of people throughout the world.

The so-called “anorexia styling hoody for women” sold by retailer ArturoBuch not only places the name of this illness on the front in bold letters, but has the audacity to also state “like bulimia except with self-control.”

This is simply beyond the pale. Would Amazon post a fashion item that poked fun at cancer, autism, dementia or AIDS? Hopefully not.

The good news is that the internet is striking back with outrage and contempt.

The bad news is that the product remains for sale via Amazon.

Along with the National Eating Disorder Association and many other groups, we say:  Amazon and ArturoBuch, discontinue sale of this product immediately, then make a formal apology to the millions of individuals who have been devastated by this deadly disease.