The Leading Spiritual Treatment Program for Women & Girls

For those suffering from addictioneating disorders, and co-occurring disorders, the process of achieving lifelong recovery requires much more that just treatment for a woman’s emotions and physical symptoms.

Hope and Strength for Lifelong Recovery

Timberline Knolls offers a spiritually-nurturing recovery environment that welcomes women of all religions, faiths, and beliefs.

Drawing on the personal recovery experiences of several of our team members, the Timberline Knolls staff designed our residential treatment program with emphasis on empowering the spirit. Our holistic treatment approach addresses each woman’s entire being, and supports her potential to cultivate her own spirituality. Spiritual renewal helps each woman find the strength to experience feelings in healthy, adaptive ways that reinforce her connection to a loving, Higher Power.

The Timberline Knolls Spirituality program helps each woman harness the hope she will call on during residential treatment and throughout a lifetime of recovery as she works to:

  • Continually deepen her self-discovery and awareness of her spirit, and
  • Restore her authentic self, full of meaning, purpose, and joy

Building a Spiritual Bridge

Core spiritual programming is woven throughout each woman’s treatment program. Each day the Timberline Knolls community begins the day with a daily devotion; this is followed by a quiet, meditation time for both residents and staff.

Throughout each week residents have multiple opportunities to participate in spiritually-oriented activities both within the Timberline Knolls community and off-campus in our local community.

  • Volunteering to help the less-fortunate helps women better appreciate their place in their communities, and to view their own circumstances in relation to a Higher Power.
  • Optional elective groups allow women to explore new aspects of prayer, meditation, and mindfulness.
  • Expressive Therapies to help women explore and express the nature of their creative spirit through art and dance.
  • Weekly worship services allow women to replenish the spirit through connection with a religious community and deepening of their relationship with a loving God.
  • Outdoor activities amidst a natural setting allow residents to witness the beauty and greatness of nature, and help our residents to experience conscious contact with a loving Higher Power.
  • 12 step mutual support groups offer potent “medicine” to revitalize our residents’ weary spirits and to foster in them a deep sense of connectedness to a greater, loving whole

Regardless of a woman’s faith or particular belief system, she will have the opportunity to take ownership of a treatment program that will help her to replenish and renew her faith and her spirit. Women seeking a Christian treatment program may find the individualized approach at Timberline Knolls particularly enriching, and feel empowered by a new experience of their faith. To learn more about how we help women renew their spirit during residential treatment, please call us.

My experience with a nearly six week long stay here was very positive! I learned new behaviors to replace my old destructive ones and achieved sobriety here. All of which I have been able to continue because of my treatment at this facility! I highly recommend this place!

– A former resident
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