Frequently Asked Questions About Anxiety Treatment

Where can I find an anxiety treatment center?

Finding a treatment center for someone who has been struggling with anxiety is a matter of identifying the program that meets the individual’s treatment needs, financial situation, geographical preferences, and other personal factors. Many reputable, comprehensive treatment centers in Illinois and throughout the United States can provide effective care for individuals who are struggling with anxiety. The key is finding the program that’s the best fit for you or your loved one.

What are the side effects of an anxiety disorder?

The symptoms and effects of an anxiety disorder can vary significantly from person to person based on several factors, including the type of anxiety disorder that the person has developed and whether or not he or she is experiencing any additional physical or mental health issues. Common symptoms of anxiety disorders can include overwhelming, unrealistic fear or worry, pervasive concern about being judged or ridiculed, and physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, dizziness, and chest pain.

Are there rehabs for anxiety?

Yes, there are. Depending upon the nature and severity of a person’s struggles with anxiety, the most effective options for treatment can range from limited outpatient therapy to a stay in an inpatient or residential treatment program. The term “rehab” is commonly applied to substance abuse treatment programs, many of which are also prepared to treat individuals whose addiction is accompanied by a co-occurring anxiety disorder.

How does anxiety affect your life?

The effects of an anxiety disorder can range from mildly upsetting or distracting to devastating. For example, a mild specific phobia may cause a person to make minor lifestyle changes to avoid certain insects, heights, or other objects or events. On the other hand, panic disorder can cause a person to feel like he or she is suffocating or having a heart attack, and severe cases of agoraphobia have rendered some people incapable of leaving their houses for extended periods of time.

What does anxiety treatment look like?

The most effective forms of anxiety treatment will incorporate the types of therapy that are best capable of addressing the individual’s specific needs. Individual and group therapy are commonly included in personalized treatment plans for people who are struggling with anxiety disorders. Certain forms of experiential therapy have also proved to be effective at helping people overcome or learn to manage their symptoms so they can live healthier and more satisfying lives.

What is the best treatment center for anxiety?

There is no one best or perfect treatment center for anxiety. If you are seeking professional treatment for yourself or for a loved one who has been experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder, the best approach is to identify treatment centers that appear to be most capable of providing the type and level of care that you or your loved one needs. Contact treatment centers, explain your needs and preferences, and select the center that is the best fit for you or your loved one.

Can residential treatment treat both anxiety and depression?

Yes, a residential treatment program can successfully treat a person who is struggling with both an anxiety disorder and a depressive disorder. When you enter a reputable treatment center, you will complete a thorough evaluation to ensure that your treatment team is aware of, and can develop a plan to address, all of the disorders, symptoms, and other issues that have been impacting your life. Comprehensive care that treats anxiety, depression, and any other challenges will best prepare you for long-term success.

Is there a women-only anxiety treatment facility?

Yes. Gender-specific treatment facilities for women exist, and have proved to be extremely effective at helping female patients address and overcome symptoms of anxiety disorders. Treatment in a women-only center can focus on the specific ways that anxiety disorders impact women and can provide focused care in a manner that is best suited to helping women learn to manage their symptoms.

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