Admissions and What to Expect

Our admissions process is designed to connect you with the care you need as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each step of the way, you’ll be guided by a compassionate professional who will serve as a source of information, answers, and support. 

Our Admissions Criteria 

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center serves adolescent girls and adult women who are struggling with eating disorders, substance use disorders, trauma, mood disorders, and other mental health concerns.  

Ensuring that our facility is the perfect place for you is an important part of our admissions process. For this reason, all admissions decisions are based on a thorough assessment of your unique needs and goals. In general, our residential programming may be ideal for you if you meet the following criteria: 

  • Female  
  • Age 12 or older 
  • Struggling with an eating disorder, substance use disorder, trauma, or mental health disorder 
  • Can benefit from round-the-clock care to achieve stabilization 

If you are an adult age 18 or older who does not need residential care, we also offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP) with on-campus housing options. Women can directly admit to our PHP.   

Please note that the information in this section is provided for general reference purposes only. The best way to determine if Timberline Knolls is the right place for you is to contact us directly. 

Throughout your entire experience with Timberline Knolls, our sole goal is to connect you with the services that will best prepare you to make sustained progress toward improved health. 

A Streamlined Process 

When you need treatment, the last thing you want to do is spend your time filling out paperwork and attempting to navigate regulations, policies, and procedures. At Timberline Knolls, we understand this completely.  

We’ve worked diligently to develop a process to gather all the information we need with minimal delay so that you can begin your healing journey. 

The first step in our admissions process is a simple conversation. You can reach a member of our team 24/7 by phone, email, or live online chat. You can start the discussion whenever it’s convenient for you, in whichever format you prefer.  

To help determine if Timberline Knolls is right for you, the professional with whom you speak will ask you some simple questions on topics such as: 

  • The nature and severity of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing 
  • How these symptoms have been impacting your day-to-day functioning 
  • Your treatment history, including if you’ve previously received a diagnosis from a qualified healthcare provider 
  • Your goals and expectations for the time you spend at Timberline Knolls 

During this discussion, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get detailed answers about any aspect of the care we provide. If at any point we determine that you may be better served by another facility, we will be happy to make an appropriate referral to a trusted provider. 

Starting with the very first conversation you have with a member of our team, we want to leave no doubt that we’re committed to providing you with the information you need so that you are empowered to advocate for yourself and make the decisions that are right for you. 

The Next Steps 

After confirming that Timberline Knolls can provide the type and level of care that’s ideal for youthe next steps will focus on documenting some additional information and scheduling a date for you to come to our campus. 

If you have previously been in treatment, or if you have been referred to Timberline Knolls by a professional who is currently providing you with clinical services, we will request your authorization to get your records. The more information our team has, the better prepared we’ll be to develop and deliver the focused, personalized care you need. 

If you will be using insurance to pay for your time at Timberline Knolls, one of our advisors can, with your permission, work directly with your insurance provider. We’ll confirm your coverage, verify your benefits, and make sure that your insurance provider has the details they need to process your claim and fund your care.  

Starting Your Timberline Knolls Experience  

Depending on various individual factors, the steps that lead to your arrival on our campus can typically be completed with a few conversations. We appreciate the importance of getting accurate and complete information, and we will never rush this process. At the same time, we’re committed to accomplishing this in an efficient manner. 

Once all necessary details have been documented and verified, all that’s left is to schedule your start date and prepare for your arrival. 

When you first get to our facility, you’ll have a brief session with one of our clinicians, you’ll sign some paperwork, and you’ll complete a medical assessment with a member of our nursing staff. A member of our team will review our policies and procedures with you, give you a tour of our facility, and answer any questions you have about what you can expect during your time with us. 

To learn more, or to start the admissions process, please contact us at your convenience. 


This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Timberline Knolls. 

Going to Timberline Knolls was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I highly recommend you go here for treatment! You will come out knowing how to cope better with life!

– A former resident
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