Yearly Archives: 2022

Athletes, Celebrities Among Those Pushing for Mental Health Breaks

In 2020, more than 20 million American adults said that they had experienced at least one major depressive episode over the previous year. Anxiety affects an estimated 40 million people in the United States. Even as conversations around mental health have become more common in recent years, stigma still exists in far too many places … Read More

Slow Down

There is an inaccurate belief that “rehab” or treatment is a 30 day process. There is a misconception that in 30 days anyone can be “fixed” or “cured” when it comes to eating disorders, addiction, and mental health. This belief results in increased anxiety and frustration for the individual working towards recovery and their loved … Read More

Why So Many Black Women Remain Silent About Their Struggles with Eating Disorders

“Black girls don’t get eating disorders.” At least that’s what author and journalist Anissa Gray told herself, even though she had been struggling with purging behaviors for years. Gray is among the many Black women across the country who have suffered from an eating disorder in silence. There is a misconception that eating disorders are … Read More

The Healing Effects of Yoga & Meditation for the Body and Mind From a Trauma-informed Perspective

Trauma-informed yoga aka (TIY) is described as approaching the practice of yoga through a lens that addresses the specific supports that are needed for symptoms of trauma. Trauma doesn’t just affect our minds; it can also be held within the body and our brain.  The connectivity means the mind/body practice of yoga meditation can be … Read More

Pandemic Has Devastating Impact on Adolescent Girls Who Have Eating Disorders

The pandemic has undoubtedly been tough on teenagers, and now experts have the data showing the actual impact. The major finding: these past two years have had a devastating effect on adolescent girls who have eating disorders. Emergency Room Visits Spike The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that said that, … Read More