Creative Arts Therapy Helps Individuals Struggling with Mental Health Disorders

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center offers creative art therapies for residents to express their feelings and increase self-esteem and self-compassion

CHICAGOJuly 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Creative arts therapies such as art, dance/movement and yoga help the healing process for individuals struggling to overcome eating disorders, addiction, trauma, mood and other co-occurring disorders. Creative expression offers the opportunity to better define one’s thoughts, feelings and bodily experiences that may not be as effectively described with words.

“Creativity is a universal yearning that all humans possess,” said Rosalind Rodgers, MA, R-DMT, GLCMA, creative arts coordinator at Timberline Knolls. “Our goal as a creative arts team is to provide experientials and interventions that emphasize creative exploration for our residents.”

As residents at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center begin their recovery journey, they are asked to talk about their experiences of the past, present and future. Through the use of art, dance and yoga, residents are invited to explore and play. Creative arts invites residents to get back to their core-self, by providing a safe place to re-engage with their creativity.

Rodgers talks more about the benefits of creative arts therapy at Timberline Knolls:

“Our residents have found ways to cope and manage emotional dysregulation in order to survive,” adds Rodgers. “We provide a safe space for residents to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits through the use of music, movement and art. Empowerment and self-efficacy are experienced within the group therapy dynamic. A sense of universality is experienced as residents realize they are not alone in feeling inadequate, silly, or self-critical when participating in movement, yoga or art therapy. Our focus is on the process, not the end product.”

Overall, the therapeutic goal of creative arts therapy is to:

  • Express feelings
  • Participate in human relationships/interactions/connections
  • Increase personal self-esteem/self-efficacy
  • Develop a more realistic concept of one’s body image
  • Increase self-compassion
  • Achieve feelings of relaxation and enjoyment
  • Increase a sense of empowerment through accomplished movement, art and relational goals.

“We are focused on providing an invitation for residents to show up as their authentic self, without fear of judgement or rejection,” adds Rodgers. “Creative arts differs from traditional talk therapy because it provides the space for residents to describe their experience more fully, whether it’s through art, music or dance.”

About Timberline Knolls:

Timberline Knolls is a leading private residential treatment center for women and adolescent girls (ages 12 – 65+) with eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, mood and co-occurring disorders. Located in suburban Chicago, residents receive excellent clinical care from a highly trained professional staff on a picturesque 43-acre wooded campus. An adult partial hospitalization program is also available on campus for step down as well as in Orland Park, Ill., for women to direct admit. For more information on Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, call us at 877.257.9611. We are also on Facebook – Timberline Knolls, LinkedIn – Timberline Knolls and Twitter – @TimberlineToday.