Threasa Kluever

Threasa Kluever

Eating disorders can manifest themselves from traumatic events completely unrelated to food. In eighth grade, Threasa “Tee” Kluever navigated the devastation of losing multiple close family members.  Around the same time, she was also being subjected to sexual abuse. Addiction and OCPD became prominent in her life and restricted eating soon followed.

After a high school teacher became concerned about Tee’s symptoms, she was encouraged to seek help. She first came to Timberline Knolls in 2015 and credits their level of individualized care and attention to helping her deal with her traumas, which enabled her to stop punishing her body and build confidence in herself.

For Tee, victory is not about “completing” recovery but instead, working on herself and letting her disorder define her. Now she’s giving back as an alumnae coordinator, helping other alumnae stay connected and supported on the path to recovery.

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Hi, My name is Angel. I was admitted to residential treatment at Timberline Knolls in 2016 to treat my depression. At that time I was unemployed, home alone, and labeled med resistant. Though I did not socialize much, I benefited because I was no longer alone.

I elected to go to the partial hospitalization program at TK thereafter. This was because I wanted to continue with the DBT principles, continue with yoga, and continue speaking with the chaplain. Choosing to stay with TK resulted in me regaining my voice. In PHP I started engaging socially with the TK community. I also started to unpack my relationship with my father, with my father and our family therapist; a process that I prepared for in residential. Residential treatment at Timberline Knolls and continuing with partial hospitalization ensured that I could keep building on my recovery, namely in my relationships with spirituality, with new people, and with myself.

- Angel T



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