Why Timberline Knolls Is The Choice For Many Women & Girls

Residents at Timberline Knolls receive individualized treatment that is specifically designed for women. Our programs consist of innovative therapies that encourage lasting recovery.

Residential Treatment That Makes a Real-Life Difference

At Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, we have a track record of making a real-life difference for our residents and their loved ones. This is not only our mission, but also our promise, and why leading specialists who treat eating disordersalcohol abuse and drug addiction, and other cooccurring disorders recognize Timberline Knolls’ treatment success and recommend their patients to us. They trust that each woman under our care will benefit from:

  • Exemplary Medical and Clinical Staff
  • Individualized Care
  • Rigorous Medical and Psychiatric Assessment
  • Emphasis on Spiritual Reinvigoration
  • Opportunities for Lifelong Friendships
  • Highly Confidential Treatment
  • A Secure, Tranquil Setting
  • A Positive Peer Group
  • Healing For Her Whole Family
  • A Convenient, Central Location
  • In-Network Insurance Options
  • A State-Approved On-Campus School

Exemplary Medical and Clinical Staff

The professionals who make up the medical and clinical staff at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center are among the best and most qualified in their respective fields. Consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses, registered dieticians, addiction and eating disorder counselors, expressive therapists and clinical support staff, this group of passionate leaders and committed care givers use their skills and experience to treat women with addictive disorders. Timberline Knolls’ dual approach on excellence in medical treatment and the realities of recovery empowers its residents to achieve and sustain important life changes.

Staff education is continual and strongly encouraged. Every member of Timberline Knolls’ clinical support staff has earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college and receives continuous training in each of the therapeutic methods. Additionally, all staff participates in trauma awareness and sensitivity training, as well as continuing education about the addictive disease process and innovative therapeutic interventions. This intensive training assures each woman will be supported at all times as she experiences the intensity of emotions that arise during treatment and begins to practice healthy recovery skills.

Individualized Care for Each Woman

Based on our successful experience, the Timberline Knolls team takes an individualized, holistic look at each woman’s history, symptoms, and obstacles to recovery. Each resident is encouraged to take ownership of her recovery from her first day on campus and participates in an individualized treatment program that is uniquely her own. We carefully listen to our residents and seek their input about the elective elements of their therapy.

Most treatment for anorexia, bulimia, or substance abuse places residents on an assigned track based on their primary symptoms, and follows a prescribed program that covers most of their stay in treatment. Our team does not subscribe to this approach to address either the complex reality of eating disorders and addiction, or the unique challenges created by co-occurring disorders for any given woman. Instead, we practice an individualized approach designed to help each woman who chooses Timberline Knolls succeed in her recovery.

Complete Medical and Psychiatric Assessment

Successful treatment and lifelong recovery are not possible without a proper diagnosis, including identification of co-occurring disorders that often lie at the root of repeated relapses. Our board-certified psychiatrists have deep experience treating women and girls with complex symptoms and multiple complications from anorexia nervosa, bulimia and other eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions. Combining their experience with the close coordination of clinical staff, Timberline Knoll’s psychiatrists regularly diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders that outpatient providers cannot adequately address alone.

Spiritual Renewal

Timberline Knolls places a strong emphasis on the renewal of each woman’s spirit. Regardless of a woman’s faith tradition or religious beliefs, the staff at Timberline Knolls works with each resident as she learns to trust herself in relation to a loving higher power of her choosing. All residents are encouraged to participate in spirituality groups led by Pastor Todd Warren, director of spirituality at Timberline Knolls and a nationally known Christian recording artist. Our individualized treatment approach lets each woman determine the extent to which her religious faith is integrated into her clinical treatment, including working with a dedicated Christian therapist for women who identify as Christians.

Opportunities for Lifelong Friendships

Unlike smaller residential treatment centers, Timberline Knolls provides women with a larger peer group and more opportunities to build transformative, lifelong friendships. Some rehabilitation locations for addiction and eating disorders may have fewer than 10 beds, which can limit opportunities to connect with peers with similar symptoms and life experiences. Our larger therapeutic community allows residents to become aware, learn and even practice new recovery skills in a more realistic living environment.

Diverse Peer Group Prepares Women for the Real World

Timberline Knolls knows that more often than not women and adolescent girls suffer from co-occurring disorders, many of which are brought to light during treatment. Because of this, we treat a variety of disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders, drug abuse and addiction and mood disorders. This creates a diverse resident population, which we believe helps residents realize they are not alone in their struggles, and that even women with different symptoms have similar underlying emotional issues and similar life experiences. This broad perspective on recovery serves as a life-long asset to woman and girls as they recover from the symptoms of their primary diagnosis and respond to new challenges in the future.

Healing For the Whole Family

Timberline Knolls treatment staff believes addictive disorders like anorexia, bulimia, self-injury, alcoholism and drug abuse also affect a woman’s loved ones on physical, mental and spiritual levels. At times a resident and her family may benefit from a break from stressful family dynamics, but that doesn’t preclude loved ones from participating in treatment and healing alongside the resident. Timberline Knolls recognizes the power of families healing together, and that loved ones play an integral role in a woman’s life-long recovery once she leaves the Timberline Knolls.

At Timberline Knolls, each resident, in addition to her primary therapist, has a family therapist who works separately with residents and their families to understand the unique dynamics of the family system and its particular role in the addiction or eating disorder recovery process. Sessions may be scheduled to include the entire family, either in person or via teleconference, and family therapists also work with the rest of a woman’s treatment team to determine when family visits are beneficial to recovery.

Secure, Tranquil Setting

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center is located on 43 beautifully- wooded acres, ensuring a serene, safe, and private environment. In the nurturing and calming environment at Timberline Knolls, women are able to step back from their lives at home to focus solely on the life-saving matter of recovery. The grounds of the campus and the development of the facilities are inspirational for residents, highly conducive to the helping residents experience the creative process so integral to healing.

Central Location Provides Convenient Access

Timberline Knolls is located on 43 wooded acres just outside Chicago, offering a nurturing environment for women ages 12 and older struggling to overcome eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders and co-occurring disorders. Our facilities are located less than 30 minutes from both Chicago O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport, not only simplifying a woman’s initial trip to campus, but also making it more realistic for her loved ones to visit and participate in programming offered to families, helping residents to achieve lifelong recovery

In-Network Insurance Options

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center knows that cost of care for women needing treatment for eating disorders, substance abuse and other affective disorders can be a barrier and hinder opportunities for recovery. In many cases treatment is necessary to ensure a fulfilling and long life for these women, and because of that Timberline Knolls goes to great lengths to make our treatment financially realistic for as many women as possible. We work with insurance carriers to help women maximize their benefits in paying for treatment. Because many benefit providers recognize Timberline Knolls’ success at helping women make real-life changes that minimize repeated relapses and hospitalizations, we can work with insurance companies so residents receive treatment on an in-network basis. Families benefit from lower out of pocket expenses, and we not only manage the reimbursement process at the beginning of a resident’s stay, but work to obtain coverage from intake to discharge. Residents and loved ones can trust our insurance staff to be an advocate for them to receive the care they need.

Minimal Interruption of Progress in School

The stay at a residential treatment center can last almost as long as an entire semester of school, putting an already-struggling young woman behind in her studies. Centrally located in the heart of the Timberline Knolls campus, TK Academy, gives students access to an environment for integrative learning opportunities. This allows women to not only continue their academic progress, but excel, in a setting fully integrated with their clinical treatment. Providing up to five hours a day of educational instruction, the school’s certified teachers, certified teachers’ aides, and academic coordinator partner with students, their treatment teams, and their home school districts to create individualized education plans aligned with Illinois state standards, national standards, grade-level promotion and the exit criteria required for graduation.

Timberline Knolls saved my life. The therapists are truly incredible and they really care about us. I made friends for life and I got my life back on track.

– A former resident
Why Choose Timberline Knolls?