Educational Support for Residents – The Timberline Knolls Academy


When it comes to recovery from eating disorders and substance abuse, we believe the combination of individualized and group therapy, a therapeutic residential treatment environment and supportive education are critical.

Our goal is not only to help adolescent girls and women recover from anorexia, bulimia, or drug abuse, but also to help them cope and thrive in the world around them. That’s why our state-approved educational program provides a dynamic, therapeutic, structured community where students can learn, achieve and be responsible while receiving the nurturing and sustenance they need to enhance their academic lives. By focusing on a program of education, treatment and supervision, our team has had tremendous success.

The Team

We believe in dynamic collaboration. By giving our students the right attention and expertise, they can achieve their highest emotional, social and academic potential.

Our team includes:

  • master’s-level teachers, who are certified and trained as Learning Behavioral Specialists
  • certified paraprofessionals in each class

The Individual

Every student is different. That’s why we develop a tailored educational plan for each individual. This plan considers the resident’s current level of achievement, ability to learn and the requirements of her home school district. Elective subjects, advanced placement courses, ACT/SAT prep and online courses are also offered where appropriate.

The Environment

Centrally located next to our residential lodges, the Timberline Knolls Academy gives students access to nature for integrative learning opportunities. We follow a quarter-based academic calendar and offer an extended school year through the end of June for students that require the extra time.

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