Our Mission

Mission, Vision, Values, and Core Beliefs

What We Do: Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide innovative care solutions for the development of emotionally strong, personally responsible and socially resilient women. Our goal is to help women make real life changes. And whether it’s with cutting-edge therapies or a nice meal prepared by our award-winning chef, our mission is to help change lives in a supportive, nurturing environment. And that’s what we do, every day.

Where We’re Going: Our Vision

Our vision is clear: to be a recognized center of excellence in pragmatic, integrated services for women. Our program success hinges on the development and provision of evidence-based, outcome-supported clinical and educational services.

What We Believe: Our Values

Our values have always been the same: to champion strengths over weaknesses, skills over deficits and health over pathology. We’re dedicated to the transformation and recovery of adolescent girls and women. And to do that, you have to examine all the elements, incorporate strategies and provide constant attention to each woman’s strengths and disorders.

At a Glance: Our Core Beliefs

  • our first priority: excellence in care
  • to empower adolescent girls and women to create extraordinary opportunities for themselves and transform their lives through a commitment to personal growth and change
  • to prepare our residents to succeed after they leave residential treatment with a rigorous treatment and curriculum program
  • to be dedicated to integrating mind, body and spirit to best ensure self-reflection, personal autonomy, self-determination and recovery
  • to encourage residents to become active members in their therapeutic community
  • the success of the program depends upon the professional integrity of everyone in the therapeutic community
  • continuous quality improvement for organizational growth and development
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