Best Treatment Options & Levels of Care for Binge-Eating Disorder

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center provides the best treatment options for women and girls who are struggling with binge-eating disorder. Timberline Knolls delivers compassionate, comprehensive care so that the journey to healing from binge-eating disorder can begin.

What Levels of Care Are Available for Treating Binge-Eating Disorder?

Explore the levels of care for binge-eating disorder treatment at Timberline Knolls

At Timberline Knolls, we understand the importance of personalized treatment for each woman or girl who is entrusted into our care. Prior to starting our binge-eating disorder treatment program, each woman or girl completes a thorough assessment that forms the foundation of her customized treatment plan. 

Depending upon a variety of personal factors, the most effective care for binge-eating disorder may involve participation at multiple levels of care. Some women and girls participate in binge-eating disorder treatment at multiple levels, while others complete care at one level and then transition out of treatment.  

There’s no single right way to heal from binge-eating disorder. What’s most important is finding the center that provides the treatment modalities and levels of care that best fit your specific needs.  

At Timberline Knolls, residential binge-eating disorder treatment is our most intensive level of care. As its name implies, the residential level involves living at our treatment center. The many benefits and treatment options in our residential program include 24-hour care, the opportunity to bond with others who have been experiencing similar struggles, and the ability to step away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life in order to focus fully on your health. 

While you’re in residential treatment for binge-eating disorder at Timberline Knolls, you’ll follow a personalized treatment plan that will include multiple types of therapy, educational sessions, experiential activities, supportive off-campus trips, and a host of additional services. 

Most women or girls who participate in residential binge-eating disorder treatment at Timberline Knolls stay with us for 30 to 60 days. As with all treatment-related decisions, the amount of time that you’ll spend at the residential level will be determined by what’s best for you. 

Some women and girls whose lives have been impacted by binge-eating disorder need more intensive services than we provide at the residential level. For these individuals, acute inpatient programming may be necessary.  

If your medical team determines that you have not achieved the level of stability that we require for admission into our residential binge-eating disorder treatment program, we’ll work with you and your family to make the appropriate referrals to inpatient programs that can best meet your needs.  

At Timberline Knolls, we also offer binge-eating disorder treatment services at the partial hospitalization program, or PHP, level. PHP allows you to have a strong connection to structured clinical support without being required to stay at our center during non-treatment hours. PHP can be ideal for women who need intensive step-down care following their successful completion of inpatient or residential treatment. PHP may also be the optimal level to enter treatment for women whose binge-eating disorder symptoms are not severe enough to require round-the-clock care. 

The Timberline Knolls PHP accepts adult women age 18 and older. Our PHP features five days of treatment per week, six hours each day, for a total of 30 weekly hours of care. Group therapy is the main method of treatment at the PHP level. 

Stepping down from PHP, the next level of care is intensive outpatient programming, or IOP. As with PHP, IOP participants do not live at the treatment center. IOP days and hours may vary, but a typical schedule for binge-eating disorder treatment at the IOP level involves two or three daily hours of therapy, two to four days per week. 

If you can benefit from IOP participation after you’ve completed residential or PHP treatment at Timberline Knolls, we can include a referral in your discharge plan. 

To promote continued recovery, many women and girls also participate in traditional outpatient services and binge-eating disorder support groups.  

Traditional outpatient services typically involve one-on-one meetings with a counselor or therapist. These sessions can be scheduled at the day, time, and frequency that best fits your schedule and meets your needs. 

Support groups, including both in-person gatherings and online meetings, can keep you connected with the binge-eating disorder recovery community. These groups allow you to exchange support with others who are or who have been in situations similar to yours. 

Referrals to traditional outpatient services and appropriate binge-eating disorder support groups may also be included in the discharge plan that you receive as you prepare to transition out of treatment at Timberline Knolls.

What Is Effective Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorder?

Understanding effective care for binge-eating disorder treatment

If you’ve been seeking effective treatment for binge-eating disorder, it’s important to identify treatment centers that provide the treatment options that are best for you.  

Some women and girls need to start at the acute inpatient level, then transition through residential binge-eating disorder treatment, PHP, IOP, and outpatient services. Others require time at a few, but not all, of these levels. For still others, participation at one level of care, followed by a vibrant discharge plan, is most appropriate. 

When you choose Timberline Knolls, we’ll work closely with you to identify your needs, and determine the treatment options that will best meet those needs and prepare you for long-term recovery. Our services are designed to promote true and lasting healing in mind, body, and spirit. Thus, our programming includes attention to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual impact of binge-eating disorder. 

Please know that there is no such thing as a perfect binge-eating disorder treatment program, nor is there an effective “one-size-fits-all” approach to treating this disorder. The most effective type of binge-eating disorder treatment is one that addresses your needs and prepares you to achieve your goals. You deserve comprehensive, personalized care that will put you on the path towards successful lifelong recovery from binge-eating disorder.  

Timberline Knolls saved my life. The therapists are truly incredible and they really care about us. I made friends for life and I got my life back on track.

– A former resident
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