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Detoxing from fentanyl is the first step in overcoming an addiction. It can also be the most difficult step to take, but knowing you’re in good hands makes all the difference. Timberline Knolls’ detoxification ensures our clients are safe and comfortable.

The Importance of Detox for Fentanyl Addiction

Prescription opioids provide a great deal of relief for individuals who are unable to cope with pain as a result of injury, illness, and the like. Fentanyl, more specifically, is a powerful painkiller that is often given to those grappling with severe pain as this medication is a common option when other opioid medications prove to be less effective in alleviating profound pain and discomfort. And while fentanyl can be an invaluable resource for people who require it, it is an enticing substance of abuse to individuals who do not need it for medical purposes.

Known to be exceptionally more potent than heroin, fentanyl can trigger a high that causes intense feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Additionally, synthetic versions of this substance, which are manufactured illegally, also exist and are known to be even stronger when ingested alone or when mixed with other substances like heroin. Yet regardless if a person abuses medically-prescribed fentanyl or a derivative of this medication, she is at risk of becoming addicted and will likely need treatment in order to refrain from the use of these types of substances.

The longer an individual abuses fentanyl or synthetic fentanyl, the more probable it is that a person will not only develop a tolerance to it, but also a dependence upon the drug of choice. When this occurs, the individual will no longer be able to function in a healthy manner without maintaining a certain amount of fentanyl or synthetic alternative within her system. For this reason it is imperative for a person addicted to one or both of these substances to consider seeking proper, effective care as soon as possible.

Presently, there are many treatment options that exist for women who are in need of treatment to overcome a fentanyl or synthetic fentanyl addiction. Among them, those that feature detoxification services, or detox, have proven to be the most beneficial and are those that can bring about long-lasting recovery.

Benefits of Detox

Continuing to misuse fentanyl or abuse synthetic fentanyl is likely to cause a person to endure insurmountable strife the longer this type of substance abuse persists. For many, there is a desire to end the use of these substances, but the withdrawal symptoms that manifest often compromise any effort made to reclaim one’s life from this type of substance abuse. Similar to the withdrawal that occurs when one abstains from the abuse of opioids, fentanyl and synthetic fentanyl withdrawal can be quite painful and uncomfortable when it does not occur under the supervision of qualified medical professionals. For this reason, partaking in detox can be one of the best decisions a person can make for herself when taking on the endeavor of recovery.

Among the many benefits associated with detox, the following are those most frequently experienced by individuals who receive this level of care:

  • The symptoms of withdrawal that emerge once a person is no longer consuming fentanyl or synthetic fentanyl can be alleviated or minimized via certain other medications that may be administered.
  • An individual no longer has access to her chosen substance of abuse, and therefore will no longer be able to ingest and experience the negative repercussions associated with ongoing fentanyl or synthetic fentanyl abuse.
  • The health and wellbeing of the individual in detox can be closely monitored so that the process of withdrawal is navigated safely.

Lastly, those who partake in detox will not be able to acquire their drug of choice. While in the detox level of care, substances of abuse, including fentanyl and synthetic fentanyl, are prohibited, which can make relapse far less likely. Given this fact, a person stands a much greater chance of being able to make great strides in her recovery process.

As discussed earlier, if a person does not receive detox at the start of her treatment, there is a high likelihood that that individual will succumb to the ongoing use of fentanyl or synthetic fentanyl once more. In fact, there is a risk that a person will then develop an even stronger addiction to such substances, as many who experience withdrawal often begin to use more and more of her substance of choice with the hopes of quickly alleviating any discomfort that may be occurring. Sadly, the longer that this cycle remains ongoing, the more likely it is that a person will experience an overdose that could be fatal.

What is important to know, however, is that the scenario described above does not have to be the experience of someone addicted to fentanyl or synthetic fentanyl. By participating in a program that provides detox services, detrimental possibilities can be successfully mitigated altogether.

At Timberline Knolls, we understand how difficult it can be to defeat an addiction to fentanyl and/or synthetic fentanyl. Especially when this type of substance abuse problem accompanies other mental health concerns like eating or mood disorders, we recognize how important it is to offer women the support they need to overcome such challenges and live lives that are healthy and well once more. For these reasons, we at Timberline Knolls, are proud to offer the solutions that women need to experience healing on a deeper level so that the hope of a brighter, drug-free tomorrow can be realized today.

The folks at Timberline Knolls helped me cope with my trauma-related mental health concerns... and have made me a stronger, more emotionally stable person.

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