What does it mean that Timberline Knolls’ treatment is holistic?

Timberline Knolls believes that eating disorders, substance abuse and mood disorders are medical diseases with emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects. When we say that treatment is holistic, we mean that we address and strengthen each of these aspects of a whole person using the best available knowledge and experience from multiple disciplines, including medicine.

While we utilize dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), which includes concepts of mindfulness that some may associate with eastern philosophies, the term holistic doesn’t imply a non-Western approach to medication or the physical aspects of disease.

One of the ways we treat the whole person is by using experiential therapies that target nonverbal aspects of recovery and healing. These include art therapydance movement therapy, somatic experiencing, and EMDR.

We address a woman’s spiritual life in ways that are meaningful to herencouraging her to take responsibility for defining her own relationship with a Higher Power, God, Jesus, nature, etc.

Truly holistic treatment cannot exist without individualized treatment plans. We believe each woman and girl has her own unique fingerprint in recovery. It is our job and our privilege to help her find that.