Barbara Damas, RN

Director of Compliance


“I have the distinct privilege to devote my energy and passion to issues that tend to be unique to women, be that behavioral, medical and/or spiritual. Conversely, I find I dedicate that same energy and passion to enhancing the strengths that are found within all women.”

Barb works with all disciplines at Timberline Knolls to facilitate on-going engagement in treatment and recovery. This involves maintenance of the highest standards of practice by internal clinical support and review.

Barb has 22 years of experience as a registered nurse within the psychiatric and behavioral health care community. Her nursing experience began with inpatient psychiatric direct patient care. She went on to hold the position of coordinator of the admissions/access department for a mental health center, and she was director of inpatient adult psychiatric, outpatient partial hospital and inpatient geriatric psychiatry.

Barb spent her first two years at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio and then graduated from Parkland College of Nursing in Champaign, Illinois.